Booker T On Kenny Omega Possibly Going To WWE

Kenny Omega

Booker T thinks that Kenny Omega wrestling in WWE would be a net positive for everyone.

Kenny Omega is widely considered one of the best wrestlers active today, if not the best. He has cultivated a reputation for high-octane matches. That reputation has carried him from the New Japan midcard scene, to the main-event of AEW, to being showered with praise and accolades from the wrestling media.

With Omega’s career still going strong, some have wondered if the 39-year-old will ever wrestle for WWE. Rumors about this particular subject began circulating not too long ago when it was reported that Omega’s AEW contract came up.

Looking to give his thought on the matter, Booker T spoke on his Hall of Fame podcast about how badly AEW would be affected if they lost Omega.

“Losing someone like Kenny Omega, that would be a big loss. That would be huge, that really, would. Just because he was one of those guys who put that thing all together. He was one of the brains behind AEW.”

Additionally, Booker T thinks that there would be a mutual benefit for both WWE and Omega if Omega were to wrestle for WWE, especially if he were to make it onto WrestleMania.

“I don’t know how many years Kenny Omega has left in the ring. WWE would make Kenny Omega’s star shine brighter than any other place he ever could be in. If Omega was to sign with WWE, he would likely be presented as one of their biggest stars and potentially work at WrestleMania.”

“If you don’t work at WrestleMania, you know throughout your career, you missed out on something. I can understand why Kenny Omega would want to mix it up with AJ Styles, two of the best at what they do, at WrestleMania.”

h/t 411Mania for the transcription