Booker T Reveals Decades-Long Feud With A Former WWE Champion

Booker T Reveals Decades-Long Feud With A Former WWE Champion

Booker T peeled back the curtain on a simmering feud that has lingered for years between himself and former WWE Intercontinental Champion Ahmed Johnson.

Delving into the annals of their shared wrestling past, Booker T, in an episode of Heated Conversations, unearthed the genesis of the conflict, tracing it back to their formative days in wrestling school. The tension, as Booker recalled, bubbled to the surface during a routine training session at the wrestling academy.

Booker vividly recounted an episode where he found himself in the instructor’s role, guiding Johnson through the nuances of fundamental wrestling techniques like leapfrogs, tackles, and armbars. Initially, the atmosphere was congenial, with Booker effortlessly manoeuvring around Johnson. However, the harmony was short-lived as Johnson voiced his eagerness to delve into power moves such as Powerslams and Powerbombs.

Booker, prioritising safety and adherence to the prescribed training regimen, cautioned against the inclusion of these potentially perilous manoeuvres. This stance ignited a spark, leading to a clash of wills as Booker refused to compromise on the sanctity of their training environment. Recalling the confrontation, Booker recounted:

I’m running circles around him. We’re just having fun. Then, he wanted to work on some of his moves; Powerslams and Powerbombs. I go, ‘Hey man, we’re practising. We don’t want to do Powerbombs because somebody could get hurt.’ He goes, ‘I wanna do my stuff and I wanna practice it now.’ I go,’ Well, you ain’t practising it now. And if you have a problem with it, we can settle it after practice outside.

Although Johnson extended an olive branch post-practice, diffusing the immediate tension with an apology, Booker noted a lingering undercurrent of animosity, exacerbated by Johnson’s subsequent derogatory remarks. Booker reflected on the incident, suggesting that this confrontation may have sown the seeds of Johnson’s lingering resentment, encapsulated by Johnson’s later characterisation of Booker as a “sellout.”

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