Booker T Opens Up About His Near Career-Ending Botch

Booker T Opens Up About His Near Career-Ending Botch

Booker T revisited a dark moment from his past, sparking a candid discussion with fellow icon Hulk Hogan. The two delved into the controversial WCW promo from Spring Stampede 1997, where Booker T infamously uttered a racially charged term.

Reflecting on the incident in an episode of his podcast The Hall of Fame Booker T expressed profound regret, labelling it as the “worst moment” of his life. He admitted to feeling overwhelming embarrassment and a desire to withdraw from the public eye. Despite the term being part of his everyday language in his neighbourhood, Booker emphasised that none of his wrestling peers had ever heard him use it, intensifying the impact of his slip-up and leaving him fearful for his career’s future.

Recalling the moment, Booker shared:

That was the worst moment in my life at that time, I wanted to stick my head in the sand and never come out. Immediately, it was the worst day of my life. I cringed when I said it. The thing is, what’s not ironic about it is that it’s a word I used to use on an everyday basis in my neighbourhood. It was common. But, in the wrestling business, until that day, none of my peers had ever heard me use that word. No one had heard me say it. When I said it, I froze. I thought that was the end of my career.

During their conversation, Hogan shared his perspective, admitting his ignorance regarding the word’s intensity at the time. He expressed surprise at the impact of the politically correct environment and his own insensitivity, stating:

I don’t remember being as sensitive to the politically correct environment now. If it went down, I wasn’t aware of it for years. If it did happen, and I was aware of it, it went in one ear and out the other because I was so used to hearing it, so I didn’t know it was that intense.

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