Booker T On NXT Favorites Drafted To Main WWE Roster

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Booker T has commented on some of his favorite NXT wrestlers getting drafted to the WWE main roster including some kind gestures from the talent towards him.

As a two-time WWE Hall of Famer and current NXT commentator, Booker T has seen it all and done it all in pro wrestling. When he’s calling the action on NXT, it is quite obvious that he has his “fave five” wrestlers that he gets excited about because he can see the potential in them.

Over the last week, WWE held their Draft to split up the Raw & Smackdown rosters. That roster split also included some NXT stars being drafted to the main roster like JD McDonagh, Zoey Stark, Indus Sher (Jinder Mahal, Veer & Sanga), and others going to Raw while superstars like Grayson Waller, Cameron Grimes, Pretty Deadly (Elton Prince & Kit Wilson), Isla Dawn & Alba Fyre are headed to Smackdown.

While speaking on his Hall of Fame podcast, Booker T talked about some of his favorite stars from NXT going to the main roster as well as some interactions he had with them.

“Some of my favorites left and they’re moving onto bigger and better things. Congratulations. I’m glad to see them move on to the next level because, you know, guys like JD McDonagh. I didn’t know JD McDonagh had put that much time into the business. I really didn’t.”

“I was listening to him talk just earlier today and I think he said 21 years that he’s put in this business. He said around the 16 mark, he just didn’t think he was gonna get a shot, but he just kept pushing and kept pushing, and boom, NXT has led him now to the main roster. I appreciate that, man. I appreciate that.”

“I think I might have ordered DoorDash again at the end of the JD McDonagh match (he laughs) because I was looking down. I was doing something. I might have been messing with my notes or something, but I was totally unaware of my surroundings and then the next thing you know, somebody came this close to me and then gave me like the biggest kiss right there on the jaw. I look up and it’s JD McDonagh. I was like, wow, that was really cool because he appreciated the way I treated him in his time in in NXT.”

“I always pushing for that guy. I was always trying to make sure that there was some spotlight on JD McDonagh because I always thought this dude is next level. He’s a star. He really is. Give him a shot. For him to come to me and do that on his exit, it was awesome.”

As Booker continued, he spoke about the brash Australian known as Grayson Waller and others.

“Grayson Waller, he’s another guy who came to me and thanked me for the time in NXT. For me, it’s my job to pump those guys up and give them the rub. You know, Pretty Deadly, Zoey, same thing. I’m so glad to see these guys put that work in and get a shot because I was once upon a time that kid who was putting the work in and somebody gave me an opportunity. I cashed in, and I became the person I am today. Now all of those guys got that same chance go out there and do that.”

“I’m excited, but there again, it’s kind of bittersweet because I was so into having guys like Pretty Deadly and JD McDonagh on the roster on a weekly basis because they made me feel alive when they came out and did their work. But I tell you what, you know what they say about the show, the show must go on. Last night, NXT guys came out there and they took it to another level at the same time. So I see the next guys that’s going to be coming up. It’s just a matter of who’s going to step into that spotlight.”

Also on his podcast, Booker T talked about how he ordered food during this week’s NXT broadcast. It sounds like chicken parmesan sandwiches are in his fave five.

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