Booker T Claims Ex-AEW Stars Were Mismanaged

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Booker T thinks two former AEW stars were misused.

On June 14th, Jeff Hardy completed a surprise return to TNA after his contract with AEW expired. At Against All Odds Matt Hardy unsuccessfully challenged Moose for World Championship, only to be attacked after the match. But it turned out help was at hand, as Jeff sprinted to the ring, coming to his brother’s aid.

Matt made his own return to TNA in April after his AEW contract ran out.

There had been high hopes for The Hardys in AEW, especially when Jeff signed in March 2022 and the brothers were reunited. However, a World Tag Team Title run was scrapped after Jeff was arrested and then suspended by the company for driving under the influence.

Booker T Says AEW Experiment Didn’t Work

Speaking on his Hall of Fame podcast, Booker T claimed AEW didn’t really know what to do with The Hardys suggesting they were mismanaged. In a rather damning assessment, the NXT announcer said the experiment didn’t work.

“I think they were mismanaged, misused in AEW because they brought the Hardys in and they wanted to recreate the Hardys from when they first came in the WWE and were having ladder matches with the Dudleys and I just thought that was a bad move.

The first thing Matt Hardy did was like dive off a scaffold or something, a forklift or something and damn near killed himself. I think the last thing Jeff Hardy was a part of was Sammy Guevara breaking his nose … that experiment in AEW, it did not work out at all.”

Meanwhile, Ethan Page has been quick to find success since leaving AEW for WWE, winning the NXT Title at Heatwave.

H/t to Wrestling Inc