Bobby Lashley’s Revelation About “Almost Killing” Jim Cornette

Bobby Lashley's Revelation About

Bobby Lashley shared an anecdote from his early days in WWE’s developmental territory, OVW, involving a close call with Jim Cornette that left him shaken.

In 2004, as Bobby Lashley embarked on his wrestling journey with WWE, his lack of experience in the industry became evident during a segment with Cornette, who held considerable authority in OVW both on and off-screen. Recalling the incident during an episode of the Nostam Wrestling Podcast, Lashley described a moment of panic as he attempted to execute a routine body slam on Cornette. Instead of smoothly executing the move, Cornette’s body unexpectedly collapsed, causing Lashley to fear the worst.

I picked him up and, for some reason, he came up like nothing. I was like, ‘Oh s**t!’ I threw him down and, instead of body slamming him, I almost picked him up and lawn-darted him right down, his body just crumbled,

To Lashley’s surprise, Cornette’s reaction wasn’t directed at him but rather at the rest of the roster. Cornette’s outburst revealed that Lashley’s near-miss was a result of others in the locker room habitually going limp during slams, leaving Lashley unaware of the proper technique.

I’d heard him cut promos on people before. He’s yelling at everybody there, except me, I was like, ‘What’s going on?’ He says, ‘The reason why this mother**ker is doing this and picking me up and almost killed me is that you stiff b*****ds are trying to dead weight him all the time.’

What Is Bobby Lashley’s New WWE Faction Name?

Bobby Lashley’s new WWE faction is called “The Pride.” The faction consists of Lashley and The Street Profits Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford.

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