Bobby Lashley: “I Love Our Roster Right Now”

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Bobby Lashley has been a fixture on WWE Raw for several years now and he’s opened up about what he thinks about the roster on the red brand.

The October 17th episode of Raw began with Bobby Lashley calling out Brock Lesnar because the former US Champion was ready for a fight. Lashley wanted to fight Lesnar because one week earlier on Raw, Lesnar attacked Lashley before Bobby’s US Title defense against Seth “Freakin” Rollins. Due to the attack where Lesnar hit Lashley with an F5 and applied a Kimura Lock on Lashley’s left arm, Rollins beat Lashley in under three minutes to win the US Title.

This time when Lashley and Lesnar met face to face on Raw, Lashley was ready for The Beast Incarnate. Lashley was clearly the winner of this fight because he picked Lesnar and gave Brock a spinebuster through the table. That led to “Bobby” chants from the crowd, who were happy to see Lashley get some revenge.

The “All Mighty” Lashley is one of the veteran leaders on Raw that has held the WWE and US Titles this year. While speaking on Busted Open Radio, Lashley talked about the depth of the Raw roster. It should be noted that this interview was before Rey Mysterio was moved to Smackdown last week.

“I love our roster right now. That’s what made me excited about winning the United States Title. I had Ali. He’s a guy who has been overlooked a little bit, but he is phenomenal. Great wrestler, great mind in the business, and he’s hungry. Every day when I come in, he has different ideas, ‘I want to do this, I want to do this.’ So you have him, you have Riddle, who is on fire right now. Seth Rollins, he’s Seth Freakin’ Rollins, he’s great across the board. Some of my closest friends, even favorites, the Hurt Business. MVP is there with Omos. Shelton Benjamin is still doing his stuff. Cedric is there. I’d like to bring that group back together at some point in time.”

“There are so many highly talented people on there, from Chad Gable, Otis, and I don’t want to leave out any names because there are so many people. Edge, Rey Mysterio, his son [Dominik Mysterio]. There’s so many talented people. We’re all the faces [of Raw]. I’m one of the prominent figures on it, but there are so many people you could say are the face of Raw, it depends on how you’re looking at it.”

Lashley is currently scheduled for a big singles match at WWE Crown Jewel on November 5th when he faces Brock Lesnar. It’s a rematch from Royal Rumble 2022 when Lashley beat Lesnar for the WWE Title thanks to Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman screwing Lesnar out of the title. It should be one of the most highly anticipated matches at Crown Jewel.

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