Bobby Heenan Trademark Returns On WWE SmackDown

Bobby Heenan WWE

WWE Hall of Famer Bobby Heenan came to mind when Kevin Owens spent the night at the commentary desk on SmackDown.

Kevin Owens replaced Corey Graves at the announce desk on SmackDown in Columbus, Ohio as Graves recently welcomed his new son into the world with his wife Carmella. Owens was suitably attired for the stint as he wore a necktie over his t-shirt but was made to promise no physicality with any other WWE stars by SmackDown General Manager Nick Aldis.

Unfortunately, Owens couldn’t help himself as he spent much of the night mocking both Grayson Waller and Austin Theory. That led to Waller and Theory confronting Owens and pouring a bottle of water over him. Owens responded by assaulting both men and giving Waller a Stunner. After SmackDown ended, Kevin Owens was suspended from WWE for his actions by Nick Aldis.

Kevin Owens Channels WWE Legend Bobby Heenan

Kevin Owens targeted Waller and Theory by using a telestrator throughout the night, drawing sad faces on both men. Owens also freeze-framed his incredible double punch using arrows to highlight how he took out both stars with a single blow.

Fans of a certain vintage will remember the technology being used before in WWE, most notably by Bobby Heenan who innovated his Brain Scan in the company. Heenan used the telestrator to highlight when the good guys did something wrong and would often end up just drawing pictures on the screen.

Jerry Lawler also used the telestrator while at the commentary desk during the mid-nineties where he’d also use his artistic abilities to make fun of WWE’s most beloved stars.