Bobby Fish “Respects” Tony Khan Keeping Kyle O’Reilly On AEW Payroll

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Bobby Fish has provided an update on Kyle O’Reilly, whilst giving Tony Khan credit for keeping him with AEW during his recovery.

Having spent a year with AEW, Bobby Fish had the chance to reunite with his Undisputed Era teammates in a new environment. Whilst he’s no longer with the company, he does at least give the company’s head honcho Tony Khan credit for keeping one of his partners on the payroll.

In a discussion on Keepin’ It 100, Fish spoke about Kyle O’Reilly’s neck surgery and how Khan has kept him with the company throughout.

Kyle had neck surgery. He’s still under contract with AEW, and you know, love AEW or hate them, love Tony Khan or hate him, I can say nothing but positive things about the fact that Kyle’s been on the payroll the whole time. My issues with Tony were never personal either. Like, I don’t know the man well enough personally to have an issue with him, and like I said, I’m grateful for the money but like, for what he’s done for Kyle alone, and Kyle being one of my closest friends, Kyle’s got a wife and a daughter and you know, like that alone, I’ll respect Tony.

Fish Leaving AEW A Financial Decision

Bobby Fish also spoke about why he didn’t end up extending his deal with AEW, making it clear that it was all down to the figure he felt he was worth not being matched.

I signed a one-year deal and my feeling was, by the end of that year, I’ll prove that I’m worth more than what you are offering and then we’ll go from there. When we got to the end of that year, like, first off, I’m going to say, I’m grateful that Tony was willing to give me any of his money, like, talk about first world problems, like, Oh, my God, you need to give me more of your money. No, you’re willing to give me any of your money?

Holy sh*t, I’m grateful, but when we got to the end of that year, I felt like, you know, I know my value and we weren’t agreeing on the numbers and so I walked and it comes down to nothing more than that.

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