Bloodline Member Speaks About His Relationship With Roman Reigns, Says They Were Never Close

Roman Reigns

A fresh new Superstar on WWE Smackdown and brand new in the iconic Bloodline faction, Solo Sikoa spoke about his relationship with the “Tribal Chief” Roman Reigns and life growing up with him.

A former NXT North American Champion, Sikoa is the cousin of Roman Reigns, as well as the young brother of Jimmy and Jey Uso, who the legendary Rikishi is the father of all three. Solo, real name Joseph Fatu, made his debut on the main roster just a few weeks ago, and would make The Bloodline even more of a dominant force by becoming the new member, and not just that, but the new enforcer of the group.

Making an appearance on “Cheap Heat” with Peter Rosenberg, Sikoa was asked whether or not he was close to Reigns growing up, and it’s important to note that Reigns and the Usos were. Sikoa said that wasn’t the case with them, saying they weren’t too close growing up, however, they’ve been forming a relationship ever since he was called up from NXT.

“You know, seeing Roman in Cardiff, I haven’t seen him for like over 20 years. We really weren’t close but he was always around at our house, playing with my brothers, because they were the same age and I was way younger than them. He was always around our house, but I think now coming into the business, I’m starting to get close with him, even though the age gap is there. I’m really starting to get close with him because, I mean, it’s big uce Roman Reigns, he’s been running this game for a while now.”

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