Billy Corgan Claims CM Punk Will Work Things Out With AEW

CM Punk

Billy Corgan is surprisingly optimistic about CM Punk’s future in AEW.

Following the alleged backstage fight which took place following All Out CM Punk’s future in both AEW and pro-wrestling, in general, has been shrouded in uncertainty.

CM Punk is currently deadlocked in a contract buy-out from AEW that is being blocked by a no-compete clause. He’s also injured, meaning that even if he wanted to wrestle, he likely wouldn’t be able to enter a wrestling ring until well into 2023.

And yet, someone that knows CM Punk personally, NWA owner Billy Corgan, thinks that Punk will be seen on AEW programming again.

On an episode of Steve Fall’s Ten Count, Corgan discussed many wrestling-related subjects. Apart from promoting the upcoming NWA Hard Times 3 show taking place on November 3rd, Corgan gave his thoughts on Punk’s future:

“I know him personally and I haven’t talked wrestling with him for years, so I would be hard pressed to imagine he’d want to come to the NWA given his other opportunities.

Certainly, there are other companies that are bigger and can offer him a bigger payday. I’d be surprised if he leaves AEW. I’ve heard those rumors too, but I just imagined that it would be worked out.

So until it’s official, official, I’ll just assume that he’s going to stay and they’re going to figure it out because I think he’s a benefit and a bonus to them. I think the same in reverse.

I think they’ve done a good thing of bringing him back to professional wrestling where he belongs because he’s such an immensely talented guy.”

Corgan went on to argue that he thinks that some of this could also be a wrestling angle and that he doesn’t want to openly recruit someone employed elsewhere.

Billy Corgan is in the middle of his own controversy back at home in the NWA. Nick Aldis named Corgan specifically as someone that he felt insulted his wife Mickie James and the rest of the women wrestling for NWA by suggesting that NWA won’t do another women-only show because they don’t think they have enough talent for a similar event.

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