Billy Corgan Explains Why He Doesn’t Do “Cheap Heat” Promos About WWE

NWA owner Billy Corgan

Billy Corgan of the NWA doesn’t believe in taking shots at WWE like some wrestling companies tend to do.

It was reported earlier this week that Billy Corgan’s National Wrestling Alliance has a deal to put two NWA shows on the CW Network.

The two shows will be the company’s main NWA Powerrr program as well as a behind-the-scenes show that features Corgan and the NWA roster showing how they put their shows together.

Those deals have yet to be publicly announced officially, but that announcement should be coming very soon.

During an appearance on the Kurt Angle Show podcast, Billy Corgan spoke about the wrestling business as a whole and how important it is to get kids watching pro wrestling.

“We inside the bubble can fight about all this stuff, talk about this stuff, but the general public, more people have turned off professional wrestling in the last ten years than the previous 50 combined. Dave Meltzer will probably run a stat to tell me that I’m wrong. All I’m saying is wrestling deserves to be a mainstream part of the culture.”

“What has happened, and I believe this is at the root of the WME acquisition of WWE. They are going to bring wrestling back to the mainstream. It’s not a bad thing. Little kids, who don’t know anything about the smart mark stuff, need to be able to just go to a show. Let’s not lose the childish innocence of sometimes seeing a good house show match between two great workers who tell a good story might be the difference of that kid becoming a lifelong wrestling fan.”

“Here I am, 45 years later, talking about Jerry Blackwell. Something stuck with me. Let’s not lose sight of that vibe in the business.”

Billy Corgan says that WWE treats him right and he doesn’t want to take shots at WWE

As he continued, Corgan explained why things are good between his NWA and the monster that is WWE.

“Everybody in the business is valuable. Right now, Al Snow is getting over with OVW and ‘Wrestlers’ on Netflix. Great. We want more people working, we want more people getting over. If the NWA is part of that rising tide, great. That’s why you won’t see me cutting any promos about WWE like a lot of other people do for cheap heat. You can read the math there the way you want it. WWE has never done anything but treat me right. WWE, as a business, welcomes the NWA in the wrestling ecosystem.”

“If WWE wanted to mess with me, you think they couldn’t? Why is WWE cool with the NWA? Because we’re trying to run a business the right way, we’re being respectful and we understand we’re the Little Engine That Could. You don’t think Billy Corgan cutting a promo on Vince McMahon wouldn’t get me a bunch of free clickbait? You don’t see me running that business. Let’s have some perspective here.”

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