Bill Goldberg Credits NFL Legend For Inspiring Wrestling Career

Bill Goldberg WWE

Bill Goldberg has publicly thanked one of his greatest NFL teammates for helping him become a professional wrestler.

In the early 1990s, Bill Goldberg was an NFL player who played defensive tackle for a few teams. One of those teams was the Atlanta Falcons, who Goldberg was a part of for the 1992 and 1993 NFL seasons.

The best player on those Atlanta Falcons teams was the cocky star Cornerback named “Prime Time” Deion Sanders, who many people regard to be one of the best NFL players ever.

Now in their 50s, Bill Goldberg is a retired WWE Hall of Famer who held four World Titles in WCW and WWE while Sanders is an NFL Hall of Famer who is currently the head football coach at Colorado University. Two of Sanders’ sons, quarterback Shedeur and safety Shilo, are stars on the team while Goldberg’s son Gage will also be on the team this coming season.

Goldberg and Sanders were together during Memorial Day weekend in Boulder and they had a conversation posted by Well Off Media.

During the video, Sanders told the story about how he would try to get teammates on the Falcons to wrestle in the locker room and nobody wanted to test themselves against Goldberg.

“We used to have wrestling matches every Friday in the middle of the locker room. I was like the Don King. We were promoting different guys. I would always say, ‘WHO WANTS GOLDBERG?!?!’ Everybody put their head down. Nobody wanted him.”

This led Goldberg to remark that he needed to credit Sanders’ belief in him for his success as a pro wrestler.

“I guess I have to give him 100 percent credit for me being a professional wrestler. Cause I never would have done it.”

Bill Goldberg Praises Deion Sanders

Later in the video, Bill Goldberg went on to praise his former teammate Sanders for the kind of person that he is.

“He’s going to take care of my son so there’s no other defining way I can describe it other than the fact that my son is going to school under Deion Sanders and I couldn’t be more grateful and blessed because this is one of the best human beings God ever built.”

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