Big International Star Spotted On NXT TV


A big-name star was spotted in the crowd on the October 17th episode of NXT.

One of the biggest talking points coming out of the NXT taping had nothing to do with the action in the ring, and everything to do with who was seen watching the action.

During the episode, Tokyo Joshi Pro-Wrestling star Miyu Yamashita was spotted sitting in the crowd behind the announce desk. This immediately sparked speculation that she could be about to join WWE. However, things aren’t quite that black and white.

As seen on social media, Yamashita had been visiting Disney World which is also in Orlando, Florida.

Coincidentally, on the day of the 100th anniversary, I was at Disneyland in Florida. It was a wonderful time.

My favorite Pooh appeared when I was buying a drink at the shop, so I couldn’t chase it, that’s the only regret.


It should be noted that the star didn’t reference her visit to NXT. Yamashita does have a small connection to WWE having previously trained with Natalya, although she wrestled two matches for AEW in 2022.

What Went Down On NXT?

Ahead of the taping, Cody Rhodes hinted that his involvement with the brand wasn’t completely over after serving as General Manager on October 10th. As it turned out, this saw Rhodes add Trick Williams to a Triple Threat Match involving Carmelo Hayes, Baron Corbin, and Dijak. The winner of which will face Ilja Dragunov for the NXT Title at Halloween Havoc.

However, Williams never made it to the ring after being attacked by a mystery assailant. Hayes was shown tending to the star, despite their earlier tension.

In the end, it was Hayes who won the main event, booking his rematch with Dragunov — the man who defeated him to win the NXT Title.

Elsewhere, Chase U became the number one contenders for the NXT Tag Team Titles and there were wins in the women’s Breakout Tournament for Karmen Petrovic and Arianna Grace.

The show went off the air with Jade Cargill sending a cryptic message to the women’s roster.