Big E On Being Proud Of Black Athletes Succeeding In WWE

Big E

Big E is proud of all the black athletes having success in WWE these days while specifically praising Bianca Belair, Bobby Lashley and others.

As a former WWE Champion that also had many reigns as a Tag Team Champion, Intercontinental Champion and accomplished a lot more than that, WWE veteran Big E is proud of his fellow black athletes that are thriving in WWE.

Big E is part of one of the most successful three-man groups in wrestling history – The New Day. Since 2015, that trio has had an incredible run that has included Big E & Kofi Kingston having reigned as WWE Champions while Xavier Woods has also been the King of the Ring. The trio are 11-time former WWE Tag Team Champions while Woods & Kingston are the current NXT Tag Team Champions as well. The trio also takes pride in being role models for black people.

In an interview with These Urban Times, Big E said he’s very proud to see how successful people like Bianca Belair and Bobby Lashley have been during their WWE careers.

“I’m so proud of just the amount of talent across the board. You look at one of the very biggest stars in our industry, that’s Bianca [Belair]. She’s been absolutely killing it, not just in the ring, but outside of it. Just from seeing the way that little girls from all backgrounds and colors, the way they connect with her is so cool. Her husband Montez [Ford], his partner [Angelo] Dawkins, Bobby Lashley obviously. I don’t know what this man is made of, but I think he’s aging backwards.”

Big E also talked about how he believes WWE hires so many black athletes because they are so talented and they deserve it.

“There’s so many nlack talents who aren’t just there to fill a quota. They clearly are so talented that they deserve to be in their spot in the ring. So I’m really proud of the progression. Obviously there’s more work to be done too, but it’s been really cool to see the amount of really talented Black talent come along in the last few years.”

With regard to his own in-ring career, Big E will be evaluated again in March 2023 to see if he can come back to wrestling after suffering a broken neck earlier this year.

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