Bianca Belair Sets Sights On Huge WrestleMania Match

Bianca Belair

Bianca Belair has shared her goals for 2024.

After an impressive three years on the main roster, Bianca Belair has laid out her next set of targets as she looks to get hold of women’s championship gold once again.

The post on social media also includes a friendly warning to Bayley who has been feuding with Belair for a number of months. At previous WrestleManias Belair has already dispatched two of WWE’s famous ‘Four Horsewomen’ and she’s got her sights firmly set on a third.

1. My goal this year is to have more fun.
2. Started the year with a KOD sooo I’m off to a good start!
3. I be forgetting about the gear I’ve made and haven’t worn —-
4. How many KOD’s can Bayley take… at least 1 more when I KOD her over the top rope at Rumble
5. –One day she gona build the tolerance to kick out of one —
6. The only match left for me and Bayley to have is a Mania match… and AHT AHT y’all know yall still gona watch it… y’all did last week —-‍
6. Im going to be a 2x Royal Rumble winner
7. I haven’t started my #RoyalRumble gear
8. I really been rocking the nude natural lip a lot lately
9. my hair dangles be cute before the match, but during the match they annoy me
10. Why my shorts never sit in the perfect position? They either be too high or too low

Bianca Belair Opens Up About WrestleMania 39 Struggles

Speaking in a recent interview, Bianca Belair revealed that she was sick and run down ahead of her match at WrestleMania 39. At the spectacular, Belair overcame Asuka to retain the Raw Women’s Championship, but the win came at a cost.

During the interview, Belair described her title reign as “exhausting” but was adamant that the work was worth it.