Bianca Belair Talks Overcoming Sickness At WrestleMania 39

Bianca Belair

Bianca Belair has opened up about competing at WrestleMania 39 despite being sick.

Going into WrestleMania 39, Bianca Belair was in the midst of a history-making 420-day reign as the Raw Women’s Champion that had already seen her defeat the likes of Becky Lynch, Bayley, and IYO SKY.

At The Showcase Of The Immortals, The EST faced her toughest challenge yet as she faced off with Asuka. The pair battled it out for 15 minutes before Belair was finally able to hit the KOD for a pinfall victory.

Speaking to Brad Gilmore on The Collection, Belair looked back on her time as champion, noting that while it was exhausting, it was ultimately a rewarding period of her career.

“It was the most rewarding, but exhausting time of my career. Everyone wants to be champion, but a lot of people don’t realize the schedule that comes with that, the pressure that comes with that, the reputation that comes with that.”

“Every time you step out, you want to put on a champion performance. It’s multiple segments on the show, you’re on every single show, every single live event, you’re doing media between the weeks. Everyone else is going home after Raw and SmackDown, you’re going to New York or California to do media, to do press, to do opportunities.”

“I got to do a lot of amazing things and took the title to so many places when I was champion. From NBA games, NFL games, Kentucky Derby, Kevin Hart, Wild N Out, College Gameday, I did so many amazing things, but I was never home. It also comes with the pressure.”

Bianca Belair Put Everything Into WrestleMania 39 Match

Opening up about her match with Asuka, Belair admitted she was physically run down and sick going in, but said she still put everything into it.

“I’m someone who is a perfectionist. When it comes to WrestleMania, I put everything into it. I was so sick that WrestleMania. Physically, I was run down and so sick. It’s a lot of pressure that comes with it, but it’s the most rewarding, but exhausting time of the year. You’ll see how exhausting that journey is, but rewarding and trying to balance everything.”

H/T to SEScoops for the above transcription.