Bianca Belair Shuts Down Rumor

bianca belair wwe promo

Bianca Belair has a strong opinion when addressing what WWE does or doesn’t do regarding her unique hairstyle.

During her WWE career, Bianca Belair has established herself as one of the biggest stars in the company over the last three years. At the last three WrestleManias, Belair has beaten all-time great women superstars like Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch and Asuka as she continues to have an undefeated record at WWE’s biggest show of the year.

As a former Raw & Smackdown Women’s Champion who has also headlined WrestleMania, Belair is always in the spotlight. Due to her unique hair, she certainly stands out from the pack because sometimes she can use her long braid as a weapon although she has opponents that use the hair against Belair too.

In an interview with DS of Ring The Belle, Belair squashed the rumor that WWE adds a sound effect when she uses her hair as a weapon in a match.

“No, I see that sometimes people think that they add noise to it. No, they don’t. It leaves a scar. People thought like, ‘Is that makeup?’ No, it’s real. What are y’all talking about?”

Bianca Belair Has Qualified For Elimination Chamber

While Bianca Belair didn’t win the Royal Rumble for the second time in her career, the EST has qualified for the Women’s Elimination Chamber match. If Belair wins that match, she’ll go on to face the Women’s World Champion at WrestleMania 40.

Winning an Elimination Chamber match to earn a championship match at WrestleMania is nothing new for Bianca Belair, who did it in 2022 leading to her WrestleMania 38 victory over Becky Lynch.

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