Bianca Belair Competes In Bodybuilding Competition

Bianca Belair

Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair has reflected on her battle with eating disorders as she competes in a WBFF bodybuilding competition.

While being Raw Women’s Champion might be enough for most WWE Superstars, for Bianca Belair, that’s simply a regular Monday. The EST of WWE took to her social media to reveal that over the weekend she had been competing in a WBFF Pro Am bodybuilding contest in Atlantic City.

Sharing photos from the event, Belair described how much she has overcome in relation to eating disorders to be able to safely take part in such an event:

“This journey has taught me so much about myself & how much I have grown and evolved from that little girl in High School and College who was obsessed with being the best but took it too far and over trained constantly. The little girl who had such an unhealthy relationship with food and struggled with eating disorders that even years later as an adult I couldn’t even hear the word “diet” without being triggered.”

“I wanted to push myself, test myself… see if I could commit without taking it too far, see if I had learned to listen to my body, see if I could diet again and have self control without going off on the deep end. I truly faced my fears with this one. I invested these 10 weeks to relearn myself and it took me on a self discovery journey of self love, commitment, and dedication to myself.”

“[…] I have evolved. I have matured. I do have self control. I have learned the importance of balance and I do listen to my body now! I have completely fallen in love with who I have become and I will be forever grateful for this journey.”

2022 continues to be a remarkable year for Bianca Belair given her success as Raw Women’s Champion, winning that title at WrestleMania 38 from Becky Lynch. She recently captained a winning WarGames team at Survivor Series where Lynch picked up the decisive fall.