Becky Lynch Talks What It Takes To Be “The Man”

Becky Lynch with Raw Women's Championship

WWE star Becky Lynch has opened up on what she thinks it means to be known as “The Man”.

In 2018, Becky Lynch reached a whole new level in her career when she turned heel and began a feud with Charlotte Flair after claiming The Queen had repeatedly been handed opportunities not available to her.

The turn didn’t quite go according to plan as the WWE Universe got behind Lynch, leading to the heel run being abandoned. However, Lynch had already altered her character and started calling herself ‘The Man’ as she believed herself to be the best wrestler in the company.

Soon after, Lynch solidified that position when, during a brawl between the women of Raw and SmackDown, she received a punch from Nia Jax which broke her nose. The image of the bloodied Becky Lynch looking undaunted by her injury turned her into a sensation and she has remained one of the top stars in WWE ever since.

Speaking to Verge Magazine, Becky Lynch has recently spoken about what she believes it takes to be ‘The Man’, saying it’s about doing everything to the “absolute best of your ability”.

“It means doing everything to the absolute best of your ability. Whatever that is, whatever the obstacles are, be that a broken shoulder or, be that trying to juggle parenting on the road while writing a book and doing acting projects.

“It’s a matter of putting everything that you have into what you’re doing at that moment. What it means to be The Man has evolved over the years for me. I couldn’t be happier at the place that I’ve arrived at now. I feel more like The Man than I ever have.”

Becky Lynch continued to live up to her moniker at Survivor Series where she led her team to victory in a WarGames match, leaping off the top of the cage onto Dakota Kai and IYO SKY below to get the pinfall win.