Becky Lynch Reflects On Real-Life Issues With WWE Rival

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Becky Lynch has reflected on a rivalry she had during her WWE career involving a top star who was one of her best friends.

During their time together on the WWE NXT brand, it was well-known that Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair were best friends. As the years went on, that friendship disintegrated before our eyes. The two women would go on to have some legendary matches including the epic battle at Evolution 2018 that saw Becky Lynch beat Charlotte Flair in an epic Last Woman Standing Match.

At Survivor Series 2023, Lynch & Charlotte were reunited again as they teamed with Bianca Belair & Shotzi to beat Damage CTRL in the Women’s WarGame Match.

While Charlotte Flair is currently out of action after having ACL surgery on her knee, Lynch is on a high. Lynch won the Women’s Elimination Chamber match to earn a shot at Rhea Ripley’s Women’s World Title at WrestleMania 40. In addition to that, Becky Lynch also beat Nia Jax on Raw in a Last Woman Standing Match.

In addition to WrestleMania, Lynch is also promoting her new book “The Man: Not Your Average Average Girl” which led to some reflection on her career and her complicated friendship with Flair. Lynch spoke to the Cheap Heat podcast about her current relationship with Flair.

“I think it’s good. I think in writing this book, at no point I certainly did not intend to in any way be disparaging against her and I don’t think I have.”

“I think I’m fair in trying to give her perspective and things because I don’t think it’s fair to completely bury somebody in a book, especially in a world that is so subjective, because they don’t have the opportunity to defend themselves. I talk about our fallouts, but I at least tried to paint it from her perspective as well as from my own.”

As she continued to speak, Lynch confirmed that, at one point, she was best friends with Flair.

“Working together, yeah, it was easy because I think the undercurrent of all of it, fallouts and all, is love. You get more upset by somebody hurting you if you’ve loved them, or you do love them, then from somebody that you had no relationship with at all. That is the thing with Charlotte. We were best friends. We we’re like sisters. Then we fell out. Wrestling came between us. Then we came back together.”

“Then there was the notorious fallout with the titles, but I think throughout all of that, if she ever needed anything, I would be there for and I think if I ever needed anything, she’d be there for me. I think that trumps all. I think life is too short to hold these animosities for too long, and I think if you hold them too long, they weigh down on you.”

The “notorious fallout with the titles” was when Charlotte Flair dropped her title on the floor due to the WWE Draft and Flair dropped her title on the mat instead of handing it to Becky Lynch as planned. It was a major story at the time because it appeared to be unprofessional behaviour.

Does Becky Lynch Think Another Match With Charlotte Flair Would Interest WWE Fans?

When Lynch was asked if there is a story to be told about her with Flair, the former WWE Women’s Champion replied: “I think so.” Lynch would go on to expand on that thought.

“I think that’s one of those things where we can always go back and it’ll always be good because now we haven’t wrestled in [more than] two years. If you see a Becky and Charlotte match, I think anybody is gonna be excited to see what’s gonna happen.”

Becky Lynch won’t be the only member of her family in a World Title match at WrestleMania 40 since her husband Seth “Freakin” Rollins will defend the World Heavyweight Championship against Drew McIntyre (an Elimination Chamber match winner like Lynch) as well.

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