Becky Lynch Adresses Process Of Writing A Book

Becky Lynch WrestleMania 35

Becky Lynch has discussed how she went about writing her book, and a big name she got significant help from.

‘The Man: Not Your Average Average Girl’ is set for release this match, with the former Women’s Champion telling her story throughout her career.

In a discussion on The Casual Podcast, Becky Lynch admitted that being as honest as she has in the book may well be to her own detriment, but overall she feels it’s a fun book to read.

I’ve written very truthfully, maybe sometimes at my own detriment… I think people will appreciate the candidness of it, and I think it’s pretty funny. I think it’s a pretty funny, hilarious read – this is just me thinking I am hilarious, but I hope people enjoy it.

Becky Lynch Discussed Book With WWE Hall Of Famer

Continuing on, Becky Lynch discussed how Mick Foley was one of the first people to read her book, and she implemented plenty of changes since he did so.

Actually, I had him to bounce things off; he was one of the first people to read it and give me feedback. Then I implemented that and kind of almost changed it completely since he probably read it. Not completely, but really improved it to the point where now I am so proud of what I have.

Becky Lynch also discussed how one of her 2023 matches was one of the favorites of her career.

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