Becky Lynch States What NXT Does Better Than WWE Main Roster

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Becky Lynch has praised the way that the WWE NXT brand uses its women’s division in comparison to the main roster.

When it comes to the women of WWE, they are always wanting more and good reason. There are only two singles women’s titles on the main roster along with one set of Tag Team Titles that are supposed to be for Raw, Smackdown & NXT. They also have the NXT Women’s Title, so that means four total titles for the entire women’s division.

The men’s division has two major titles on the main roster, two secondary titles (Intercontinental & US Title), and the Tag Team Titles. There are also three more titles on the NXT brand.

In 2023, Becky Lynch was the NXT Women’s Champion in a year where she only held Women’s Tag Team gold on the main roster. Lynch knows all about winning titles on the main roster since she’s done it on Raw & Smackdown and has a shot to be the Women’s World Champion at WrestleMania 40 when she faces Rhea Ripley. With that said, it’s been nearly two years since she held a singles Women’s Title on the main roster.

During her run in NXT that only lasted about two months, she headlined a NXT PLE with Tiffany Stratton while also taking on all comers before losing the NXT Women’s Title to Lyra Valkyria in October 2023. That title win elevated Valkyria, who remains the champion going into the massive NXT Stand & Deliver PLE on April 6th in Philadelphia.

While speaking to Sports Illustrated, Lynch spoke about working with other women to build the future of the business and she also praised NXT for having more women’s feuds going on their television shows compared to what Raw and Smackdown have.

“That’s what women’s wrestling needs. We should all be focused on the future of the industry. That’s bigger than me.”

“I don’t need a title. The title doesn’t make me–I make the title. I have enough stories that I don’t need the title. NXT, that’s a place that does a great job with multiple stories with women that don’t all revolve around a title. That’s what our division needs, more stories that don’t revolve around a title.”

“It’s doing the work when the work is hard and not always rewarding, but you’re elevating everyone around you. I headlined a WrestleMania. I have that experience. I headlined Raw, I headlined live events. When I came in, women didn’t even main-event live events on a consistent basis. So to get in the ring with Xia Li, who hadn’t even had a two-segment match to that point, it’s really important.”

When Is Becky Lynch’s WWE Contract Expiring?

As she continues to promote her new book called “The Man: Not Your Average Average Girl,” Becky Lynch confirmed on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani that she has just two months left on her current contract. It had previously been reported that her husband Seth Rollins’ deal also expires in June. As for whether she plans to stick around WWE, Lynch simply said “We’ll see” and didn’t provide a definite answer.