Becky Lynch Names 2 Career Dreams In WWE

Becky Lynch

Becky Lynch has almost done it all in WWE but two things have so far eluded her, one being a major victory in a certain match and the other being a WWE Hall of Famer.

Becky Lynch is not short of accolades from her WWE career having won the Raw Women’s Championship twice, the SmackDown Women’s Title on four occasions, the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship, the 2019 women’s Royal Rumble, and being one of three women to become the first to headline WrestleMania. But there is another WWE prize in the Irish star’s sights.

Speaking on My Love Letter To Wrestling, Becky Lynch revealed that she has her sights set on one day capturing the Money In The Bank briefcase and on standing across the ring from a certain WWE Hall of Famer:

“I do want to win the Money in the Bank briefcase before it’s all said and done, and also wrestle Beth Phoenix. I’ve been trying to get her for years. She’s been dodging me.Every single Money in the Bank match I’ve been in, I’ve always been the second last person. We’re talking four Money in the Bank madder match, I’ve been the second last person.”

Lynch then noted that if she did become Miss Money In The Bank, then when she cashed in, it’s unlikely she’d be able to what she thinks is the greatest cash-in of all time when her husband Seth Rollins crashed the main event of WrestleMania 31 to become WWE Champion:

“I don’t think anyone can and I don’t think there’s a point in trying. That’s going to go down as the greatest cash in in history, and I’m quite alright to let him have that one. Maybe I can come fairly close.”

Money In The Bank in 2023 will take place in London, England but before Becky Lynch can set her sights on that prize she’ll have to deal with her current problem in Trish Stratus.

h/t Fightful