Becky Lynch – “I Try To Avoid The Dirt Sheets”

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Becky Lynch has made it clear that she doesn’t read much of the “dirt sheets” when it comes to news about her career in WWE.

As a former WWE Raw & Smackdown Women’s Champion as well as a WrestleMania main eventer, “The Man” Becky Lynch has built an incredible resume during her ten-year run in WWE. It could be argued that she is the greatest women’s superstar in company history, or at least in the discussion with the best of all time.

Despite her status as a top star, Becky Lynch has made it clear that she doesn’t read the “dirt sheets” when it comes to wrestling news. That’s a term that people have used for decades to refer to insider wrestling reporting for publications like the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and PWTorch while in this era, obviously, it’s more about websites and digital outlets.

During an interview on the Sports Media with Richard Deitsch podcast, Lynch was asked if she paid attention to what is written about her.

“You know, I try not to. I try not to keep stock of what anybody is saying about me. I try to avoid comments. I try to avoid dirt sheets because I think of myself as an artist. I do think of myself as an artist and I think when you are being bombarded by opinions, good or bad, it takes an effect on you and one way or the other, whether you’re mentally strong enough to say, ‘Well that doesn’t bother me’, somewhere it lives. It lives in your head, and especially when it’s the negative stuff, it will live in your head.”

“But even the good stuff, you know, like what brought you to the dance doesn’t always keep you at the dance, you know? So you have to be able to adapt. You have to be able to trust your instincts and go with that. I find that in this world where we are constantly being bombarded by opinions, ‘You should be this, you should do that you’, it takes different thinking to be able to stand out and you have to be able to trust yourself because you’re the one that followed your gut to get to where you want to get.”

“So if you’re listening to other people saying, ‘Well, I would have done this. I would have done that’, well, you didn’t and you haven’t lived the life that I’ve been and you haven’t spent the experience that I have spent in the ring and around the business. So I think there’s a way of respecting other people’s opinions, but trying not to get too invested and involved because one way or another, whatever anybody says to you, it lives and it lives in your brain and it’ll affect something that you do whether you like it or not.”

In the same interview, Becky Lynch also revealed that while there is a Twitter/X account with her name on it, she doesn’t actually read it, nor does she have Twitter/X on her phone. She usually just tells somebody that works for WWE what to put and they send out the tweets for her.

Becky Lynch Match Pulled From SummerSlam

As for what’s next, there was originally a plan for Becky Lynch to continue her rivalry with Trish Stratus leading to a match at SummerSlam, but WWE decided to pull the match from the show. The match was never officially announced but was strongly rumored for the event. It has been reported that time constraints are the main reason why Lynch-Stratus were pulled from the show.

The Becky Lynch-Trish Stratus match will instead take place on the August 14th edition of Raw in Winnipeg, Manitoba, which is in Trish’s home country of Canada.

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