Becky Lynch Reveals If She’s Had A Perfect Wrestling Match

Becky Lynch WWE

Becky Lynch is proud of some of the biggest matches of her career, but she’s also a tough critic when it comes to her matches.

As a six-time WWE Women’s Champion on the main roster who has also held the NXT Women’s Title, Becky Lynch has won it all and done it all in her WWE career.

After winning the Women’s Elimination Chamber match in February, Becky Lynch challenged Rhea Ripley for the Women’s World Title at WrestleMania 40. Unfortunately for Lynch, she couldn’t beat “Mami” for the championship, so she has to regroup and figure out what’s next.

Lynch has also released a NY Times bestselling book about her career called “Becky Lynch – The Man: Not Your Average Average Girl.”

While promoting her book, Becky Lynch spoke to Chris Van Vliet about her legendary career. During the discussion, she was asked if you could have a perfect wrestling match.

“[There’s] definitely no such thing. Oh my gosh, there’s no such thing. I really loved the match that Trish and I had. That was one where I didn’t leave going ah! Because even, like I’m thinking of all my favourite matches, like Charlotte at Evolution, there was still some things where I was going ah. Bianca at WrestleMania 38, one of my favourite matches of all time that I’ve had. There were still times when I was like ah, I kicked her right in the face, you know what I mean? Like stuff like that.”

“That maybe ended up making it better but sometimes that’s also the thing, not that kicking Bianca right in the face and giving her a massive black eye made a better, maybe more brutal, but obviously I apologised. But sometimes the flaws in things that make them better make them give them that great [feeling].”

“I don’t like pristine things. I like a little bit of grit and roughness, especially in a wrestling match. I don’t like everything to look clean and perfect and crisp. It shouldn’t, it’s a scrap. I love a scrap. I love a match with a scrap.”

The three matches Lynch referenced are Payback 2023 Steel Cage Match against Trish Stratus, Evolution 2018 against Charlotte Flair and WrestleMania 38 (2022) against Bianca Belair. All of them are absolutely classic wrestling matches.

Becky Lynch’s WWE Contract Set To Expire

Several big names within WWE have contracts that are expiring soon with Becky Lynch among those names, along with her husband Seth “Freakin” Rollins. While it’s expected that Lynch and Rollins will likely remain with WWE long-term, there has been no confirmation that they have signed new deals with the company.

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