Becky Lynch Early Retirement Addressed On WWE Raw

Becky Lynch WWE

Becky Lynch is no longer a WWE Superstar and the company addressed her status on Monday Night Raw.

At King & Queen of the Ring, Becky Lynch lost the Women’s World Championship to Liv Morgan after Morgan received some unlikely, and seemingly unplanned, help from Dominik Mysterio.

On Raw, the two women met again in a Steel Cage match with the gold on the line and again Mysterio proved the difference maker as he was pushed into the cage door which slammed into Becky Lynch which allowed Morgan to win. After the match, Liv Morgan planted a shocking kiss on Dominik Mysterio as questions swirl about the true nature of their relationship.

All of this took place against the backdrop of Becky Lynch hurtling towards free agency and now the Irish star is no longer part of WWE as her contract ended on May 31st with no deal agreed.

Liv Morgan Gloats Over Becky Lynch Win

On Raw in Hershey, PA, Liv Morgan began the show by explaining her shock kiss with Dominik Mysterio. Morgan also addressed Lynch’s status, noting that she had pushed Lynch into “early retirement.”

Later in the night, Becky Lynch’s compatriot Lyra Valkyria commented on her situation and Lynch’s loss against Morgan:

She’s disappointed. But I know Becky – Becky’s at her best when people think they have her beat. And she’ll take that loss, and she’ll come back around and use it to make herself better. Because that’s how winning is done. Real winning. Something Liv Morgan knows nothing about.

Becky Lynch is expected to be taking an extended period away from the ring but the fact WWE is still mentioning her could point to the fact that she will be returning there rather than anywhere else when the time is right.