Becky Lynch Describes NXT Women’s Championship As “The One That Got Away”

Becky Lynch NXT Women's Champion

Becky Lynch has discussed her wrestling career coming full circle after winning the NXT Women’s Championship.

Prior to defeating Tiffany Stratton, Lynch had just about accomplished everything in WWE, winning multiple main roster championships, the Royal Rumble and going on to main event WrestleMania. Many had just assumed that Lynch captured the title while in developmental, but this was not the case.

Speaking with Chris Van Vliet, Lynch revealed that the NXT Women’s Championship was the one that alluded her and admitted that there was a point when she considered giving up wrestling altogether:

“So look, it is the one that got away, it is the one that I was never pegged for when I was coming up to NXT. And I was very close to being fired constantly, constantly. And not like one of those things where I was unjustly on the brink of being fired like I probably deserved to. I sucked, it wasn’t very good. But because I was so in my head, I just had left wrestling for several years. I don’t know if anybody knows my story.

But, when I was a teenager, young, started at 15. I left home to move over to Canada when I was 18. I was like making waves all over the independent circuit. And then I stopped wrestling at 19. And I got very lost and it got very lost for many years. I always felt like I had this thing, but it couldn’t go back to when I didn’t know how to get back to it and it was scary.

I didn’t know what women’s wrestling looked like because it didn’t look like it does now and there was nobody just showing me that it could look like it does now. And so anyway, when I got to NXT I was like, Oh no, this is it. I’ve got it. But it was like holding a flower, you know like I was like suffocating it because I wanted it so badly.

Continuing to express how she felt, The Man revealed that her multiple title reigns will come as a shock to many people who watched her early in her career and now looks to the future to see who will be the next challenger:

So nobody, nobody, ever thought I was going to win the NXT Women’s Championship. Nobody probably thought I was going to ever win any championships they thought I was probably just going to be there and be a fine little hand. Enthusiastic little hand that I was. And so going back, you know, all these years later, in a way feels like vindication. But the other thing is that it’s more than that it’s more than the past. And the righting of the wrongs that I felt done to me in the past, which weren’t even wrongs done to me, it was just, it was other people’s time.

I’m so very grateful that I was never pegged for this, I’m so very grateful that I was never one of the people that they strapped the rocket to and said this is going to be our girl.

I’m very grateful that I have to strive and work and grind and push myself and bring myself out of the dirt because one, I feel like it’s given me a connection with the audience, two, it’s always left a chip on my shoulder. And three, it brings it all back to what is the love? What is the love of this? Is the love of this just the gratification that I get? Or is the love the business? And how I can make the business better? And what do I do every day in the ring?

And so with that, bringing it all the way back, winning this, it’s bringing the future with me, you know, it’s going down there, it’s seeing who they have. Who wants this? Who is hungry and who wants to main event WrestleMania because I can’t make history on my own. So let’s frickin do this. Let’s make it the coolest thing.

But you’re gonna have to bring an edge out of you to do it, because I ain’t giving this up easy. You know, I ain’t given this up easy, I want to push people. I want to push them to their limits. I want to see what they’re made of and see who’s hungry enough because the person that’s going to take this from me has to be hungry.”

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