Becky Lynch Issues Statement On April 17th WWE Raw Status

Trish Stratus attacks Becky Lynch

Becky Lynch has issued a statement about whether she is going to be at the April 17th edition of WWE Raw in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Tonight’s edition of WWE Raw takes place in Little Rock, Arkansas just one week after Becky Lynch lost the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles without taking the fall and without her tag team partner teaming with her in the match.

On the April 10th edition of Raw, Becky Lynch was supposed to team up with Lita to defend their Women’s Tag Team Titles against Raquel Rodriguez & Liv Morgan. However, Lita was “mysteriously” attacked backstage before the match. That led to Trish Stratus teaming up with Lynch since they worked so well together at WrestleMania 39 earlier this month.

The two teams had a competitive match with Lynch & Stratus working well together against Rodriguez & Morgan. There were a lot of pinfall attempts by both teams, but eventually, it was Morgan hitting a sunset flip on Stratus for the win to make Rodriguez & Morgan the new Women’s Tag Team Champions.

After the match, Stratus hit Lynch with a forearm to the back leading to boos from the crowd. Stratus also hit a Trish Kick to knock Lynch out. When Stratus was walking backstage after her attack, she refused to answer any questions.

Going into tonight’s Raw in Little Rock, WWE is promoting a Trish Stratus promo explaining her betrayal of Becky Lynch.

As for Becky Lynch, she tweeted that she won’t be coming to Raw today.

That could mean a lot of things like Lynch possibly lying to try to fool Stratus. There are also rumors of a minor injury for Lynch, so we’ll update you on if there is anything more to that.

As for Becky’s husband Seth “Freakin” Rollins, he’ll be at Raw since he’s scheduled for a match against The Miz.

UPDATE: We have more information about why Lynch is missing Raw as well as contract news regarding Becky’s WWE future.