Update On Becky Lynch Missing WWE Raw, Contract Status

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There is an update about why Becky Lynch is missing WWE Raw as well as news on when her contract is set to expire.

Tonight’s edition of WWE Raw will take place in Little Rock, Arkansas without former Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch. That’s because Lynch revealed on Twitter that she will not be coming to Raw tonight. That led to a lot of speculation as to why.

Last week on the April 10th edition of Raw, Becky Lynch was supposed to team up with Lita to defend their Women’s Tag Team Titles against Raquel Rodriguez & Liv Morgan. Due to Lita being “mysteriously” getting attacked backstage before the match, Lynch chose to team up with Trish Stratus instead since they worked so well together at WrestleMania 39 earlier this month.

Unfortunately for Lynch and Stratus, they lost the match when Morgan hit a sunset flip to make Rodriguez & Morgan the new WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions. After the match, Stratus hit Lynch with a forearm to the back leading to boos from the crowd with Stratus becoming a heel. Stratus also hit a Trish Kick to knock Lynch out.

Meanwhile, WWE is promoting a Trish Stratus promo explaining her betrayal of Becky Lynch.

With regard to Lynch missing the April 17th Raw, Fightful Select reports that while Lynch was originally scheduled to be at Raw as of last week, WWE sources indicated there are “no issues to their knowledge between Becky Lynch and WWE.” However, Lynch is dealing with a minor foot injury.

Fightful also provided some information about Lynch’s WWE contract while noting that she signed a three-year deal in 2021 that will expire in June 2024 meaning it’s more than one year away. Since it’s so far away, WWE sources said that they have not entered negotiations with Lynch for new deals. It was noted by Fightful also that several deals are set to expire in 2024 since Fightful signed many members of the roster to long-term deals way before their expiration date.

In the Lynch tweet above, you can also see that her verification badge has been removed from Twitter, which could be due to Twitter’s new verification rules. Lynch’s real name Rebecca Quin also appears on her profile.

While Lynch is obviously very successful in WWE as one of the greatest women’s wrestlers in company history, she also has acted in shows like Young Rock and was slated to appear at the end of a Marvel movie at one point. Fightful noted also that Lynch is represented by CAA, which is a gigantic agency.

It’s worth noting that it has been previously mentioned that Lynch’s big match with Stratus is likely going to happen at SummerSlam in August, so if WWE goes with that plan then they will likely be in no rush to bring Lynch back. They have several months to get to that match.

As for Becky Lynch’s husband Seth “Freakin” Rollins, he will be in action on Raw as he faces The Miz in singles action.

Lastly, if you want to see how Trish Stratus reacted to Becky Lynch missing Raw this week, Trish used a clip of Seth saying, “Bye bye, bitch.” Ouch.