Bayley Taunts Lita With Incredible Throwback Photo

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The women’s division on WWE Monday Night Raw has been heating up between current stars and legends, which led to Bayley sharing a unique photo.

Over the last month, the Bayley-led group known as Damage CTRL hasn’t had a good time on Raw. Becky Lynch & Lita took the Women’s Tag Team Titles from Damage CTRL’s Dakota Kai & IYO SKY on the February 27th edition of Raw.

Part of the reason why Becky and Lita won is because Trish Stratus showed up to prevent Bayle’s attempts at interfering on behalf of Kai & SKY.

This past Monday on the March 6th Raw saw Lynch & Lita thank Trish for the assist while the Damage CTRL trio decided to interrupt the celebration. That confrontation led to a match challenge at WrestleMania 39 with Trish, Becky & Lita teaming up against the three women of Damage CTRL. The challenge was accepted while Lynch, Lita & Stratus cleared the ring.

It’s an interesting match because all of Damage CTRL and Lynch are all full-time WWE superstars while Trish & Lita retired in 2006 as full-timers, were inducted into the Hall of Fame many years ago, and are back for only a limited time. Since Trish and Lita are both in amazing shape at 47 years old, they should be more than capable when the bell rings and be ready to have a great match.

On Twitter, Bayley posted an image of something she wrote in a notebook on October 27, 2002. At the time, Lita was one of the most popular women on WWE TV while Bayley was a 13-year-old with a dream of becoming a WWE Superstar some day. It was Bayley’s way of telling Lita that she has been scouting Lita for decades. You can see Bayley’s real name Pamela Martinez on the page as well.

It’s also reminder of how cool it must be for a current WWE star like Bayley to have the chance to wrestle Hall of Famers like Trish Stratus and Lita in just three weeks time at WrestleMania 39.