Batista Opens Up About Mental Health Struggles In WWE

Batista WWE

Batista is known for bringing out his inner animal in the WWE ring but now the wrestler-turned-movie star has explained how he struggled with his mental health in his early days in wrestling.

Now better known as Dave Bautista, Batista is a future WWE Hall of Famer, having captured the World Heavyweight and WWE Championships during his first run in the company.

While he achieved success like a select few others in the wrestling business, it doesn’t mean things were always easy for the star as he explained while promoting his new movie.

Speaking to Arizona News to promote his upcoming movie Dune 2, Batista explained why he had no issue preparing for his role as the angry Glossu Rabban in the movie:

It’s funny, because that came so natural to me. If there’s anything that I took away from professional wrestling, it’s being angry. I’m really good at being angry.

Batista Screamed Out The Anxiety In WWE

Batista then opened up about the anxiety he suffered during his WWE career that was so bad that he would be physically sick before going to the ring:

It’s anxiety, when I started wrestling, I was literally physically sick before I walked out [from] the curtain. I used to walk out the curtain and [screams.] And all my anxiety was gone. And that’s what it is. I get nervous, I get self-conscious, then I get anxious, but as soon as I go [screams] it goes away. It’s easy for me to do that. And I can relax from there.

Batista competed in the final match of his career back at WrestleMania 35 in 2019 where he shared the ring with his real-life mentor and in-ring rival Triple H one last time.

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