Baron Corbin Challenges Gordon Ramsay To “Loser Eats Beef Wellington” Match

Baron Corbin Gordon Ramsay

Baron Corbin has beef with celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay.

Throughout his decade-long WWE career, Baron Corbin has found himself constantly evolving. He’s been a lone wolf, he’s been a king, and he’s been both happy and sad. These days, the star is a fixture in NXT, where he’s taken on yet another persona, this one much closer to who he is in real life.

In addition to his great success as a professional wrestler, the star is a food enthusiast and has shared his love for grilling steaks in the past. Speaking in an interview with WrestleZone, Corbin was asked whether he ever considered incorporating his love for food into his wrestling persona. While he admitted it would be a possibility, Baron Corbin believes acting as a chef would be yet another gimmick with a limited shelf life.

“Yeah, I mean, you could have gone down that road. I could have put a butcher apron on and hit people with giant tomahawk steaks, which I think would be hilarious. ‘This is a $200 steak. You’re going down.’ And I think it would have been wild, but it would have been another character, I think, that just didn’t have shelf life.

“I think when you look at Roman Reigns right now, he’s just bringing himself out to the table. The same with guys like Cena; he is not a character. Cena is a guy who personifies ‘never give up.’ He is awesome in what he does, and those guys are just out there doing what they do and feel versus portraying something they’re not. I think that’s why they had the magnitude and the career that they had. That’s kind of where I’m trying to get to.”

Why Does Baron Corbin Want To Fight Gordon Ramsay?

Corbin also opened up about which celebrity chefs he’d like to face inside the squared circle. While he says he no longer has an issue with Guy Fieri, he’d like to pick a fight with Hell’s Kitchen head chef Gordon Ramsay over his love for “disgusting” beef wellington.

“I love Guy [Fieri]. If he was still wearing the visor, maybe I’d pick Guy like, ‘we got to fight just because of your visor.

“Gordon Ramsay, we’ve done some crazy shows over in London. I think the food is better here than over there. So, we could argue about that. Gordon Ramsay, if you do hear this, Beef Wellington is disgusting,” Corbin stated. “That’s his number one dish. So that’s what we’ll fight over. Loser has to eat a Beef Wellington.”

No word on whether Corbin wants to challenge Ramsay in his home of NXT or whether he’d want the bout on Raw to further goad the Kitchen Nightmares star.

At NXT No Mercy, Baron Corbin scored a huge victory over Bron Breakker with assistance from Robert Stone, who attacked Breakker to get revenge on behalf of Von Wagner.

h/t WrestleZone