WWE Star Now Considered To Be Full Time In NXT

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In recent weeks several main roster WWE stars, including World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins, have appeared on NXT television and now it seems one won’t be returning to the main roster.

Following the 2023 WWE Draft, several stars were left as free agents with Baron Corbin among them. Corbin used his status to recently return to NXT where he targeted Carmelo Hayes before unsuccessfully challenging Hayes for the NXT Championship.

Corbin recently appeared on the show burning gear and symbols of previous incarnations of himself such as the Lone Wolf, King, and Happy Corbin as he teased a character change.

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Speaking about Corbin on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer noted that the former US Champion is now considered a part of the NXT roster and says more main roster stars could follow:

“He’s a regular now in NXT, and there’s gonna be more people like that.”

The Judgment Day has answered a challenge from Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams to appear on the 11th of July edition of NXT television with Finn Balor set to bring his whole squad to the brand after Hayes was warned about interfering in Judgment Day business when he helped Seth Rollins fend off an attack from Balor.