Bad Bunny’s WWE Raw Return Confirmed

Bad Bunny

Bad Bunny first got involved with WWE back at the 2021 Royal Rumble where he performed his song ‘Booker T’ and now two years later, the rap star is set to host a major WWE event in Puerto Rico – but he could have even more in mind for Backlash.

Bad Bunny made his presence felt at WrestleMania 39 when he got involved in the match between Dominik and Rey Mysterio. Bad Bunny joined the Spanish announce table for the match and Prison Dom made his entrance in the back of a police car, being led to the ring by corrections officers while handcuffed. His father, on the other hand, paid tribute to the late, great Eddie Guerrero as he was driven to the ring in a low rider by Snoop Dogg while Eddie Guerrero’s music filled the SoFi Stadium.

When the bell rang, Dominik found out firsthand why Rey Mysterio was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame but it did not stop him from being at his worst as he threw a drink in his sister’s face at ringside before his mom slapped him clean across the face.

The Judgment Day made its presence felt as Damian Priest and Finn Balor came to ringside and got involved in the bout before they were taken out by Rey’s new partners in the LWO. Dominik attempted to use a chain that had been left conveniently in the ring by Damian Priest but Bad Bunny took it from him. That let Rey hit the 619 and a big frog splash to pick up the win.

The following night on Raw, Bad Bunny was in the crowd when Dominik got in his face leading to an altercation between the two. Damian Priest took exception and attacked Bad Bunny, sending him through the announce table with a vicious chokeslam.

Now WWE has announced that Bad Bunny will be back on Raw on the 24th of April with the expectation being that the ongoing saga between The Judgment Day and Rey Mysterio will lead to some kind of tag team match involving Bunny at Backlash.