Former WWE Star Talks Training Bad Bunny For Backlash Match

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Bad Bunny impressed a lot of people at WWE Backlash and a man that helped him prepare for the match is giving some insight into the process.

When WWE originally promoted Bad Bunny’s appearance at WWE Backlash they said he was going to be the host of the show. Soon after that, it appeared that there would be a tag team match with Bad Bunny teaming with Rey Mysterio against The Judgment Day’s Damian Priest & Dominik Mysterio.

That plan changed to Bad Bunny facing Priest in a singles match instead. They would go on to have an excellent San Juan Street Fight that was praised heavily by many wrestling observers and the Puerto Rican crowd loved it. It was only Bad Bunny’s third WWE match after wrestling in a tag team match and appearing in a Royal Rumble, but it was his first singles match.

The match was won by Bad Bunny with a Canadian Destroyer (or Bunny Destroyer) after the LWO, Savio Vega & Carlito prevented The Judgment Day from helping Priest win the match.

Following the match, it was reported that Bunny & Priest trained together to prepare for the match while they were also helped by former WWE superstar Brian Kendrick.

In an interview with the Hitting The Turnbuckle podcast, Kendrick spoke about how he was brought to Backlash by WWE because he helped Bad Bunny and Priest prepare for the WrestleMania 37 match against The Miz and John Morrison two years ago.

“It was for the Bad Bunny and Damian Priest match. The company brought me in, but it was because a few years back when they had their tag match, I worked with them. I think because of the comfort level we had built with Bunny and I, they requested me to come back for that.”

Logan Paul, who has been very successful in WWE as well, was mentioned and Kendrick mentioned that he hasn’t met him, but he had good things to say about Paul and Bunny.

“Yeah, I haven’t met Logan but I think both of them are very motivated. They want to be good at this. I know Bunny put in a lot of training, he was training for months. I thought the match was awesome.”

As for what’s next for Bad Bunny, Savio Vega confirmed reports that WWE wanted to use Bad Bunny in some capacity for SummerSlam, so we should see him again on WWE TV fairly soon.

H/T Fightful