Austin Theory Recalls WrestleMania Moment With Steve Austin

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Austin Theory got to live his dream at WrestleMania 38 by working with some of the biggest stars ever like “Stone Cold” Steve Austin.

On the first night of WrestleMania 38, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin headlined the show by competing in his first match in 19 years against Kevin Owens. Austin picked up the win, much to the delight of the crowd, but Austin wasn’t done.

At WrestleMania 38 Night Two on April 3rd, Austin Theory had a match with Pat McAfee while Vince McMahon looked on hoping that Theory would win. Instead, McAfee won that match. McMahon would go on to face McAfee himself and got the win thanks to help from Theory.

That didn’t sit well with Austin, who made a surprise appearance to raise some hell by hitting Theory, McMahon and even McAfee with Stone Cold Stunners.

In a recent interview with CityNews Ottawa, the 25-year-old Austin Theory talked about getting to have his WrestleMania moment with Austin.

“Having a great match with Pat McAfee and then after that, having Mr. McMahon and ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin standing in the ring together, and then later, me getting stunned into the skies of Dallas, was pretty amazing.”

As he continued, Theory talked about how selling the Stone Cold Stunner made him feel like he was flying.

“You are just flying through the skies man you are literally up in the air flying. It’s one of those things, you think about ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin and me being one of those guys selling the stunner, I had to put my own stamp on it and being able to share the ring with ‘Stone Cold’ is definitely a memorable moment.”

Theory continues to fly high in WWE since he regained the WWE US Title at Survivor Series on November 26th. A feud with the former US Champion Seth “Freakin” Rollins awaits the man that isn’t about the future, he’s about being “The Now” in WWE.