Attitude Era Favourites Hint At Return To WWE TV

WWE Raw is Raw

Two more veterans could soon be back on WWE television.

The Headbangers debuted with WWE in 1996, initially appearing under that name before being billed as the Flying Nuns. However, that run wouldn’t last long, and Mosh and Thrasher were back to being The Headbangers by January 1997.

The duo remained together until 1999 when Thrasher suffered a knee injury, and Mosh was repackaged as Beaver Cleavage and then Chaz. Once Thrasher was back to full fitness the pair reunited and remained together until they were released in December 2000.

During their time in WWE, The Headbangers won the World Tag Team Titles. The team made a brief return to the company in 2016 but didn’t stay with the company full-time.

Back in May 2023, Thrasher announced that The Headbangers had signed a “nostalgia” deal with WWE, but no real details were given at the time.

Speaking in a new interview with Steve Fall for WrestlingNews.Co, Mosh offered an update on their new WWE deal and hinted that they could return to TV.

“Basically they call it a nostalgia contract, but otherwise, the inside is the legends contract. It’s basically merchandise, action figures, we’ll be on video games, hopefully, T-shirts, hopefully when the merchandise starts coming out. We signed it in March. They said it could take 10 to 12 months with production and stuff. So I think once that starts, and maybe they’ll probably bring us back on TV because there’s appearances rolled into that whole contract we signed.

When we’re doing other stuff, we can do whatever we want as long as there’s no merchandise made of us and sold. So we’re free to do, like when the NWA thing came up and we were asked, I checked with the office first because I didn’t want to, you know, have a conflict of interest and you know, get that contract killed off or be in trouble and they said,’No, you are free to do whatever you want, as long as there’s no merchandise made.”

The Headbangers Open To WWE Hall Of Fame Induction

During the interview, the pair were asked about potentially being added to the WWE Hall of Fame. While Thrasher said it would be “an honour and a privilege,” Mosh was much more uncertain. Despite initially questioning whether they deserve a spot, Mosh said he’d be open to an induction but is unsure whether it’ll actually happen.