Former WWE Tag Team Champions Sign Nostalgia Agreement

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A former WWE Tag Team are celebrating the news that they have signed a “Nostalgia Agreement” with the company.

The Headbangers were a late 1990s WWE (then known as WWF) tag team consisting of Mosh (Charles Warrington) and Thrasher (Glenn Ruth). Their gimmick was such that they perfectly fit into the 1990s Attitude Era as a couple of guys that loved rock music, mosh pit and that kind of lifestyle that was popular at the time.

During most of their WWE run that started in November 1996, The Headbangers were a babyface tag team that the fans liked due to their fun-loving attitude and exciting offense in the ring.

At the September 1997 PPV called Ground Zero, The Headbangers won the WWE Tag Team Titles for the first time. That title reign lasted only four weeks (28 days), but at least they can always say they were champions. They also won the NWA World Tag Team Titles on WWE programming.

There was a Headbangers split that saw Mosh become the awful Beaver Cleavage character in 1999, but that didn’t last long. They would reunite again, but the team ended in about mid-2000 when Mosh became a tag team with D-Lo Brown instead.

On Twitter this week, Thrasher announced that the team had signed a WWE Nostalgia Agreement.

“I can finally post this!! I’m completely excited and fortunate to have this opportunity! The Headbangers have signed a WWE Nostalgia agreement!! Look for your Headbangers merch coming soon!!! WOW blessed!! Thank you @WWE!!!”

When a fan asked Thrasher if it was like a Legends Deal that some former WWE stars sign, Thrasher explained that it was the same thing.

In 2016, The Headbangers had a brief WWE return as part of a Smackdown Tag Team Title tournament and they were on TV for a few weeks, but they were not brought back full time.