Arn Anderson Feared Arrest After Infamous AEW Promo

Arn Anderson Recalls Infamous AEW

WWE Hall of Famer Arn Anderson opened up about the unforgettable “Glock” promo he delivered with Cody Rhodes in AEW.

Speaking with Busted Open Radio, Arn Anderson reflected on the promo’s impact and his fears of possible legal repercussions. Anderson explained that the promo was intended to address the tough times the world was experiencing and to motivate Cody Rhodes to adopt a more intense persona. He recounted, “I just thought:

‘Hey, let’s give them something. Let’s wake Cody up to what you think he should be.’ And that’s where the ‘You take my car, I’ll spill your brains all over the sidewalk.’ How’s that for afternoon delight?

The reaction backstage was immediate and intense. Anderson recalled the moment vividly:

And when I came back through the curtain, Brock was standing there. His jaw was on the ground. When Tony [Khan] wasn’t there, I thought ‘Okay, I’m fired, again. How many companies are left?’

Anderson admitted that he feared potential legal trouble following the promo. He recounted the anxiety he felt upon receiving a message from Tony Khan that he had a phone call with TNT higher-ups, bracing for the worst:

Oh, Jesus. Not only that, I’m going to get arrested. You know, this is going to get bad.

Despite his fears, the response he received from Tony Khan was unexpectedly reassuring. Anderson shared:

He said, ‘If it was anybody else, this would be an issue, but the advantage is it’s Arn Anderson.’ And that’s the message I got back.

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