Arn Anderson’s Critique Of Excessive Championships In WWE

Arn Anderson's Critique Of Excessive Championships In WWE

WWE Hall of Famer Arn Anderson has voiced his discontent with the proliferation of championships in contemporary professional wrestling, expressing concerns over their diminishing prestige.

On an instalment of his “ARN” podcast, Arn Anderson aimed at both AEW and WWE, lamenting the oversaturation of title scenes that, in his view, have tarnished the once-glowing reputation of esteemed titles like the WWE Intercontinental Championship.

Anderson’s critique stems from his observation that the Intercontinental Championship, historically revered and sought after, has lost its lustre amid a sea of titles. He emphasised the pivotal role past champions played in elevating the Intercontinental Championship to its former glory, making it a coveted prize in the industry.

You know, the Intercontinental title with WWE is a huge, huge championship because the talent that has held it has made it that way, they’ve made it a big deal.

Drawing a comparison to the US Championship in Jim Crockett Promotion, Anderson highlighted its significance as a marker for the number one contender for the World Heavyweight title, advocating for fewer, more meaningful championships in wrestling.

For a period of time, that was the guy next in line to get a shot at the World Heavyweight title.

Moreover, Anderson contrasted the television presentation styles of WWE and Jim Crockett Promotion in 1985. He praised the latter’s focus on competitive matchups featuring top-tier talent while criticising WWE’s approach of using segments to spotlight specific individuals, which, in his opinion, dilutes the significance of titles.

You got a lot of top guys against top guys. With Vince, it was a platform for just whoever was getting enhanced in that segment, that’s who got enhanced in that segment.

In advocating for a streamlined approach, Anderson proposed that television programming should focus on three championships of substantial significance, suggesting that such a move would restore the prestige and importance of titles in the wrestling landscape.

So, if you have just maybe three championships that really matter and on the TV.

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