Anthony Bowens Wants To Be AEW’s First Gay World Champion

The Acclaimed's Anthony Bowens

Anthony Bowens is looking to secure a Grand Slam and make history by becoming the first gay World Champion in AEW.

As part of The Acclaimed, Anthony Bowens has become a huge fan favorite as crowds go wild and join in scissoring fever.

Bowens and his teammate Max Caster are former AEW Tag Team Champions and at All In in Wembley Stadium teamed up with Billy Gunn to become Trio’s Champions after defeating the House of Black.

Bowens has not hidden from wanting to raise awareness of his sexuality as he looks to break down barriers and make history.

In June, Bowens was part of an in-ring promo that saw crowds chant “he’s gay” in the direction of Harley Cameron as she failed in attempts to seduce The Acclaimed member.

The chant was a seen as a sign of support and acknowledgement from the AEW crowd, showcasing a change in fan culture.

Following success at Wembley, Bowens is now eyeing up opportunities to secure singles Championships as part of a long term goal to become a Grand Slam Star.

The AEW Trio’s Champion was discussing his goals with Out Magazine, and shared that his focus is becoming AEW’s first gay World Champion.

“As much as I hope The Acclaimed, the tag team I’m a part of, stays forever, I would love to become AEW’s first gay World Champion. I got the Tag Team titles checked off the list, but there hasn’t been a gay World Champion. I would also like to be a Grand Slam champion, too, which is where you win every title once,”

Anthony Bowens Feels Wrestling Has “Come A Long Way” In Presentation Of Queer Athletes

As part of The Acclaimed Anthony Bowens is in a team with Billy Gunn, a man who was once depicted in a same-sex relationship with his tag team partner Chuck Palumbo.

Billy and Chuck were partnered in 2001 and 2002 in a storyline that was aimed at causing crowd reactions. Fast forward to 2023 and Anthony Bowens feels that wrestling has moved on from storylines like this and is more respectful toward queer athletes.

Bowen has secured both the Tag Team and Trio’s Championships in AEW and he praised his boss Tony Khan in allowing LGBTQ+ wrestlers “to be us and whatever that may be”.

As part of his interview with Out Magazine, Bowens highlighted some of his AEW colleagues, including Nyla Rose, and how management have not looked to change any one.

“Thankfully we don’t have to exist anymore being stereotypes or being the fodder in the story. We’re presented as credible athletes and champions like myself or [Nyla Rose]. Wrestling has come a long way with the presentation of queer athletes, which is why I’m particularly happy I’m signed to [All Elite Wrestling].

Tony Khan and the company allow us to be us and whatever that may be, whether it’s Sonny Kiss, who is genderfluid, or Nyla Rose, or myself who now has straight people scissoring each other (laughs). I don’t ever have to worry about upper management trying to change me or direct me to be a certain way. Hopefully, wrestling continues to move in that direction.

The independent circuit is doing great because now, there are so many LGBTQ+ wrestlers. It’s come a very long way and I’m excited to see where it continues to go.”

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