Alundra Blayze Labels Fellow WWE Hall Of Famer A “Wonderful Person”

Alundra Blayze Labels Fellow WWE Hall Of Famer A

The former WWE Women’s Champion Alundra Blayze, perhaps best known as Madusa, spoke about her philosophy on what pro wrestling should entail.

Being a Hall of Famer and former WWE Women’s Champion in an era with limited female wrestlers, Alundra Blayze, also known as Madusa, spoke to The Snake Pit, about her career. She also shared comments on the unique challenge when two opponents do not share a common language. Alundra Blayze faced off against one of the world’s top talents, Bull Nakano in a feud that took them to AJW in Japan and eventually WCW.

Nakano, a WWE Hall of Famer in the class of 2024, was a formidable and successful Japanese wrestler, celebrated for her distinctive appearance and impressive in-ring abilities. Throughout her career in Japan, Nakano’s matches received high praise from both fans and critics, showcasing her notable chemistry with Madusa during a time when women’s wrestling had not gained the same level of recognition in the Western world as it enjoys today. Madusa has spoken highly of her former rival, acknowledging Nakano’s prowess and impact in the wrestling world.

“The beauty of a wonderful person is that they’re not just thinking about themself and they care about the match. It’s about getting the other person over. Protecting the person of course. There’s gonna be accidents and mistakes.”

It wasn’t easy. Bull Nakano’s English at the time was limited.

“She didn’t know English very well. Zero, like, y’know… little bit of words. “Yes!” “No!” “OH-KAY!” (Laughs) Y’know? “GO!” …And so, if you saw any of our matches, there’s no talking!”

Despite this, the two pulled off some memorable matches for the time, including a WWE Women’s Title change that took place at the Tokyo Dome in Japan. Madusa explained that the matches between the two were mostly called in the ring.

“We just wanted to make sure that we had a couple of moves leading up to the finish and we were good.”

Alundra Blayze Acknowledges Bull Nakano’s WWE Hall Of Fame Induction

Bull Nakano is honoured in the WWE’s Hall of Fame class of 2024. Madusa acknowledged the impact on her career. On working in Japan she said, “I wouldn’t have really been able to nurture who I was and to continue what I wanted to do in the wrestling world.”

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