Alundra Blayze Acknowledges Role Of Future WWE Hall Of Famers In Starting Her Career

Alundra Blayze Acknowledges Role Of Future WWE Hall Of Famers In Starting Her Career

WWE Hall of Famer Alundra Blayze recently opened up about her illustrious career, shedding light on the pivotal roles played by Paul Heyman and ex-WWE Women’s Champion Bull Nakano in shaping her journey in professional wrestling.

In a candid discussion on Busted Open Radio, Alundra Blayze delved into her experiences with the Class of 2024 and reflected on her formative years in the industry. Expressing deep gratitude towards Heyman and Nakano, Blayze acknowledged them as instrumental figures in her career development, emphasizing the profound impact of their guidance in refining her skills and solidifying her position in the wrestling landscape.

They [Heyman and Nakano] were the start of my careers in so many ways and helped hone my craft and solidify a lot of things for me.

Blayze credited her time in Japan and her collaborations with iconic figures like Chigusa Nagayo, Asuka, and Bull Nakano for nurturing her identity and ambitions within the wrestling realm. Reflecting on her experiences, Blayze remarked:

If it wasn’t for Japan and working with Chigusa [Nagayo], Asuka, Bull Nakano, and Manami Toyota, I wouldn’t have really been able to nurture who I was and to continue what I wanted to do in the wrestling world.

Which Faction Does Alundra Blayze Want In The WWE Hall Of Fame?

Alundra Blayze stated that she wants the faction Dangerous Alliance in the WWE Hall of Fame. Blayze said that besides Paul Heyman, who is getting inducted into the class of 2024, only Bobby Eaton remains from the group who hasn’t already been inducted into the prestigious Hall of Fame.

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