Alpha Academy Finally Explodes On WWE Raw

Alpha Academy WWE Raw

Chad Gable has finally got what’s been coming to him as Alpha Academy finally had enough of him on WWE Raw.

Sami Zayn ended the historic Intercontinental Title reign of Gunther at WrestleMania 40 in one of the biggest wins of his career. But as champion, there is never too long to celebrate in WWE and on Raw in Montreal, Zayn had his first defence of the gold against Chad Gable.

Sami Zayn retained his title in his hometown and Gable raised Sami Zayn’s hand after the match but as the champion hugged his wife at ringside, Gable snatched him with a vicious German suplex as he turned on the star. Chad Gable followed that up with a sickening ankle lock through the ropes as the crowd showered him boos.

Since then Chad Gable has shown a new side of his personality as he has berated his Alpha Academy followers Otis, Maxxine Dupri, and Akira Tozawa week after week, telling them their only goal was to help him become WWE Intercontinental Champion.

That did not happen at Clash at the Castle in Glasgow as Zayn defeated Gable once again and now on Raw in Corpus Christi, Texas, it seems that Alpha Academy has finally collapsed.

Otis Walks Out On Chad Gable On WWE Raw

Raw saw Chad Gable lose again to Braun Strowman and incensed at his defeat he took his anger out on Alpha Academy once again. Gable took Dupri’s crutch from her before slapping Tozawa across the face. That was enough for Otis who shoved Gable to the mat in anger before tearing off his Alpha Academy shirt.

Later in the show, the group were seen packing up when Chad Gable confronted them telling them they were expelled from Alpha Academy as they walked out. Gable taunted Otis by telling him he’d win Money In The Bank and cash it in, something Otis was unable to do.

Things turned from bad to worse for Chad Gable on the show as Gable was one WWE star left bloodied after Uncle Howdy’s new faction made their long-awaited WWE debut.