The Alexa Bliss WWE Raw Tease You Probably Missed

Alexa Bliss

Fans think Alexa Bliss is closing on a return to WWE.

In recent weeks WWE has been awash with cryptic teases and hints concerning the long-rumoured return of Uncle Howdy. However, during Raw, fans thought they’d spotted the smallest of Easter eggs, hinting that Alexa Bliss could soon be back in the ring.

On the show, Sheamus cut a promo in the ring before Ludwig Kaiser responded on the big screen. Never shy of getting into a fight, Sheamus marched backstage to try and find his rival.

As the Irish star went on his hide-and-seek mission cameras followed him through the Gorilla Position, and in the shadows, a female figure was lurking, seemingly wearing trousers famously worn by Bray Wyatt during his run as The Fiend. Although the figure was only on screen for a brief second, some fans are convinced it was Alexa Bliss.

The former Women’s Champion famously teamed with Wyatt while he performed as The Fiend.

Will Alexa Bliss Join Uncle Howdy?

It seems only a matter of time until Uncle Howdy returns to television with a new faction in tow, but there’s no guarantee Bliss will be involved. While it’s been reported Joe Gacy, Nikki Cross, Erick Rowan, and Dexter Lumis will be joining Howdy, there’s been no mention of Bliss.

Bliss has been absent from WWE since January 2023 and gave birth to her first child in November. However, Bliss has been spotted training, seemingly preparing for a comeback.