Al Snow Shares Insight On His Reality TV Show Experience

Al Snow Shares Insight On His Reality TV Show Experience

Al Snow, a former WWE Superstar and recent participant in Netflix’s docu-series Wrestlers delved into the intriguing details surrounding his foray into reality television.

Al Snow, known for his significant contributions to the wrestling industry, shed light on his role as a trainer on the WWE competition series Tough Enough in a revelation during an interview on Developmentally Speaking, uncovering the reasons behind his selection for this pivotal position. Before joining WWE, Snow had already carved a niche for himself by establishing his own wrestling school, which operated successfully for 8 to 9 years. Noteworthy alumni of his training include Dan Severn, who made a mark in both wrestling and UFC and WWE performers like Blue Meanie, D’Lo Brown, and a brief one-week session with Stone Cold Steve Austin.

The former WWE Superstar attributed his selection as a Tough Enough trainer to his wrestling school, revealing that Jim Ross had conversations with Kevin Dunn that ultimately led to the opportunity. While initially viewing the experience with enjoyment, Snow admitted that training wasn’t a definitive goal until he realised that his legacy in the wrestling business would be shaped by the individuals he had mentored. Snow reflected, stating:

I think that was why JR had spoken to Kevin Dunn, and they came and approached me about the opportunity with Tough Enough. I enjoyed it at the time, but [training] was never a definitive goal or direction. It wasn’t until I started getting a little older that I realised the one definitive legacy I would leave behind in the wrestling business was all the people that I trained.

Tough Enough, a show aimed at unearthing future WWE talent, ran for several seasons, with each winner potentially securing a contract with the company. Snow’s involvement, however, was confined to the initial run from 2001 to 2004.

Which WWE Hall Of Famer Does Al Snow Believe Is On Par With Hollywood Legends?

Al Snow stated that he believes Hulk Hogan is on the same level of stardom as Tom Cruise and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Snow believes that Hogan’s wrestling drawing power compares to the box office drawing power of both Cruise and Schwarzenegger.

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