Which WWE Legend Does Al Snow Believe Is On The Same Level As Arnold Schwarzenegger And Tom Cruise?

Which WWE Legend Does Al Snow Believe Is On The Same Level As Arnold Schwarzenegger And Tom Cruise?

Al Snow stated that Hulk Hogan’s drawing power is on par with Hollywood titans Tom Cruise and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

In an interview with Wrestling Shoot Interviews, Al Snow stated that Hogan possessed a unique ability to attract audiences, much like the Hollywood stars Tom Cruise and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Snow said that for someone to want to go and watch a movie in a cinema requires a level of dedication similar to that of a wrestling fan going to watch Hogan wrestle during the 80s.

Snow emphasised that actors like Cruise and Schwarzenegger are very highly regarded not necessarily because of their acting abilities but because viewers invest time, money, and effort into going to watch one of their performances. Snow stated that television actors can be accessed more easily and therefore don’t require as much effort to be seen as that of a major movie star.

For you to see a movie actor do their job, there’s an investment of time, money and effort on your part to go do it. Television actors, do motivate you to watch them but you just turn the channel and you can see them do that. The biggest challenge these days is to motivate you to leave the comfort, safety and security of your home, get in your car, drive or take whatever transportation you take, to get to a building,

Al Snow believes that Hogan was able to do the same thing in his prime and that the fact his name is recognised around the world is a testament to his status as one of the most popular wrestlers in the business.

That’s a very, very tough, tough job to do. It’s very challenging. At the end of the day, as far as from a wrestler or entertainer’s standpoint, Hulk Hogan without a question was one of the number one wrestlers in the world. Everyone, and I do mean everyone around the planet you say, Hulk Hogan, they know what you’re talking about. He’s won the contest, he’s won the game, he drew more money.

What Did Vince McMahon Think Of Al Snow?

According to Brian Gewirtz, Vince McMahon hated the name “Al Snow.” Gewirtz stated that McMahon once said that it was the “worst name for a wrestler I’ve ever heard of in my life.”

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