Al Snow Reveals What He Thinks Is Wrong With Modern Wrestling

Al Snow Reveals What He Thinks Is Wrong With Modern Wrestling

Al Snow has seamlessly transitioned into roles as both a competitor and mentor, most notably overseeing operations at OVW while occasionally stepping into the squared circle, with his latest bout occurring in October 2023.

However, during an appearance on Busted Open Radio, Al Snow embarked on a candid discourse, expressing deep-seated concerns regarding the contemporary trajectory of professional wrestling. With a sombre tone, he lamented the perceived erosion of what he deems the “art of selling” within the industry, emphasising the criticality of preserving the authentic essence of wrestling.

I guess what I don’t like about it is the loss of the real art of what it is, you know. The art of selling, the misunderstandings, the lack of intrinsic things that are of the true nature of what we do.

Delving deeper into his critique, Snow elucidated on the prevalent misconceptions surrounding the concept of “selling,” dispelling the notion that it merely entails simulating injury. Instead, he underscored the essence of portraying one’s character and intent, coupled with a genuine sense of urgency to emerge victorious in each contest.

Moreover, Snow elaborated on the pervasive issue of performers misguidedly emphasising the wrong facets in today’s wrestling landscape. Drawing parallels with mainstream sports such as football, basketball, and MMA, he emphasised the importance of selling a character that resonates with the audience, clarifying the stakes and why spectators should invest emotionally in the unfolding narrative.

It’s not what these athletes do, it’s who the athlete is that you can believe in. And what’s at stake? Why does this one game matter? Why should you as an audience care?

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