AEW’s Taz Reveals True Feelings On 1 Last Match

Taz standing on ramp in AEW

Taz has revealed whether he wants to get back in the ring one last time.

Taz rose to prominence as one of the top stars in ECW in the 1990s. While there, he had reigns with every belt in the promotion and had classic bouts with the likes of Rob Van Dam, Sabu, and Tajiri. In 1999, he made the move to WWE, where he was the first man to defeat Kurt Angle and made waves when he won the ECW Championship while under WWE contract. During his run in the company, Taz saw little success, and in 2001 began to move to a commentary role.

In 2002, Taz retired from the ring, with his last match seeing him team with Rikishi at a house show to lose to then World Tag Team Champions Billy & Chuck. The star hit the ring one more time at the WWE-run ECW One Night Stand, defeating Jerry Lawler in 35 seconds when he quickly locked The King in a Tazzmission.

Since then, Taz has provided commentary for WWE, TNA, and since 2019, AEW, where he is currently one of the voices of Dynamite.

Will Taz Ever Return To The Ring?

A fan recently asked Taz on social media whether he would “love one last match” and whether it was even a possibility. The star made it clear that he has “zero desire” to get back in the ring, and instead is focused on his commentary career.

“I’m 56 years old, I need both shoulders replaced and both knees replaced so there is no shot at all. lol
Also, I had/have ZERO desire for “1 last match” for many years. No interest at all, once I left the ring years ago…I have been completely comfortable & happy about it. Back than, I focused moving onto my next career at the announced desk.”

It was back in May that Taz first revealed that he needed both shoulders and knees replaced. The star explained that it isn’t from taking bumps, but instead from how he trained when he was trying to get “big.”